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* Coaching Sessions - Healing - Reading *

*** Everything is possible ONLINE ***

The price for a consultation regarding your deceased loved one(s) - This consultation brings reassurance, answers and Love from the other side, it is very healing and valuable. Costs are € 125.00 incl. VAT.

The price for a Reading- personal consultation of one hour is € 85.00 incl VAT per consultation. This is outside the trajectory guidance. There is a piece of aftercare! This is part of it.. Which means that you can app / email / call me within 3 to 4 weeks to indicate how you are..., and I will give you another cleaning in the energy - Healing  if desired .. 

If you need more information after 3 to 4 weeks, you can of course always book a new session. 

The price for a deep working energetic and physical healing(remote or LIVE) costs € 50.00 - € 75.00 - or € 90.00 incl VAT, depending on the duration. The amount can be transferred in advance to the Goderrein bank account. (See the contact page for more info.) Otherwise immediately after the session on location.

These Healings/Readings go very deep, and are transformative. Old limitations are often removed, and the Chakra system may be adapted to the new situation in which we are coming or have already come. The Light Healing that is then put on it works for weeks and brings you the fuel to work out your transformation properly. 

- In matters such as HSP, ADD, ADHD, burn out, unprocessed grief, and all other possible matters on a personal level that have made you unbalanced, ~ depression, divorce, divorce, difficult relationship(s), loneliness, upbringing etc ~, you can slowly but surely (and sometimes faster than expected) learn to understand yourself and your situation by, for example, coming to my coaching session once a month. And then things fall into place.. From this change I help you through various tools to get into your Power. This usually does not happen in 1 go, this is of course a process. However: from this newly created 'Power of the Heart' you cannot actually 'fall down' again. The solution is ultimately clear: You will love yourself at the end of this series of consultations, and that is the best and strongest foundation you can possibly have!

The prices for thisCoaching Sessions are:

* The intake interview, or direct coaching, of one hour costs € 85.00 for an hour and a half € 120.00

* Follow-up consultations are per person - per hour also € 85.00

(For an hour and a half the price is always € 115.00)

~ With two people (eg parent - child, or a couple) the price per hour is € 120.00

and for an hour and a half € 200.00. This includes the processing / sending of a detailed report by me to you of the conversation / treatment.

I also use the Urim code ~Energetic Chair~ (HOWEVER : lately, given all the changes on Earth, my Healings sometimes seem to work deeper and more effectively than the E-chair, so during the ongoing consultation we arrive at the right Healing method. ) to support my consultations,as well as very High Frequency Remedies. This allows us to achieve the desired result even faster! 

Physical operation:

  • Neutralizing negative feelings and thoughts.

  • Relieving stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

  • Reducing / neutralizing geopathic stress.

  • Muscle relaxation and deep relaxation of the total system.

  • Vitalization.

  • Harmonization.

  • Self-healing ability can be activated.


  • In-depth energetic cleansing, energy pathways (meridians) are cleaned.

  • Ka channels are activated, which are the higher dimensional energy streams in the etheric body, which serve as galactic extensions of the body's system of meridians. They align the body with the Christ consciousness.

  • An improved flow of energy throughout the body and more grounding.

  • Vibration frequency goes up.

  • Removal of negative energy codes, implants & entities.


  • Stimulating mental and spiritual growth.

  • A powerful loving connection to Mother Earth; the divine Mother & experience the Heart of the Cosmos.

  • Experiencing the 9 dimensions through which new connections and a different consciousness arises.

  • Travel in time and space.

  • Receive insights from other lives when needed. Healing can never be guaranteed, but the results are very special. (Credit:

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