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Jacquie, 23-08-2022, 19:00

It is not everyday that we are blessed enough to meet a truly genuine, gentle soul, who is filled with love and deep compassion, I was so lucky to meet Gerrie and she embodies love, light and healing, what an incredible, powerful soul. I highly recommend Jerry. She changed my life, thank you Gerrie.

From Jacquie W

Renee, 02-08-2022 21:29

Gerrie always tells you what you need to know. Honest, to the point and it's always right. I have not yet experienced that what Gerrie said was not correct.

I have been a customer for many years and I have experienced a huge growth.

Even my dog receives healings from Gerrie and afterwards she feels completely happy again.

Thank you Gerrie for all your kind concerns.

Greetings Renee

Yavanna, 08-07-2022, 07:38

Clear, honest and determined, that's how I experience Gerrie Stavast.

Her observations and interpretations are razor sharp. She discusses these with great understanding for the experience and emotions of her client, but does not let them guide her conclusions.

Gerrie doesn't tell you what you might want to hear - she's not there for fairy tales - but shares openly and clearly what she gets. And that can be the start of change, if you are open to it yourself, of course.

The insight I gained during the readings is very valuable to me and I will gratefully take it with me on my life's path.

Regards, Yavanna

Cees, 14-06-2022, 14:10

Fantastic sensitive and knowledgeable spiritual coach. Her long session in a grieving process gave me insights and support that I could never have imagined. I wish this for everyone who is heavy or stuck! I myself have a regular (psycho-) therapeutic training and 20 years of practical experience, but fortunately I have put aside my prejudices about spiritual help and can only conclude that I have had unique and very fast help that is impossible "regular".


Lajos, 05-08-2021, 21:14

Today I went to Gerrie for the 2nd time for a coaching conversation with healing and then a wonderful relaxation massage. As far as I am concerned, Gerrie offers a unique complete package for spiritual awakening and well-being. Her loving, soft yet decisive way of coaching in which she clearly expresses her opinion without imposing anything. These coaching sessions help me to look at life in a different way. Gerrie gives me a safe feeling that makes me dare to open up and finally come closer to myself. She stands purely for what she says and does. She offers support, comfort and healing, but also encouragement and insight. She puts you back in your own strength. I notice after I've been the 2nd time. An essential transformation process is taking place in me and it feels more than good. I am happy to have her as a coach on my life path. 

Love, Lajos

Marie, 07-05-2021, 11:55

This week at Goderrein a Healing & Had a relaxation massage. It was very loving and complete relaxation! 💓 I say do it! As a gift for yourself 💓 Greetings Marie

Barbara, 01-02-2021, 13:53

I got to know Gerrie in 2018 through a groupon offer for yoga classes. She has a very nice and calm way of teaching and above all a beautiful voice. Unfortunately, the whole corona event turned everything upside down. We couldn't go to cozy Puth anymore. In the end, we yogis were not allowed to go anywhere, unfortunately she had to close the Puth practice, and the (yoga and massage) practice in Ulestraten van Gerrie had to close due to the corona restrictions. Then I started following coaching and healing sessions, and this gives me inner peace (I am an H.S.P.ertje). With Gerrie I feel special and trusted, she gives me insights and helps me with my spiritual journey of discovery. Because of her I have grown enormously in my Being. I regularly go for coaching and healing, maintenance, since I often lose myself. It brings me peace and tranquility in and with myself.

Namastè 🙏 Barbara 💜

Mandy, 30-01-2021, 11:12

A year ago I visited Gerrie for the first time. My life was restless and I had to do something. Something different than usual. I am quite sober but the conversations, healings and drops have ensured that I have experienced enormous personal development. I feel much more inner peace and balance. I make choices that are good for myself and I try to keep energy guzzlers away from me as much as possible. Gerrie is a nice person, she radiates peace and confidence.

Marij, 15-01-2021, 14:19

I have been coming to Gerrie for a while now, and I follow coaching sessions. Among other things through conversations, spiritual empathy, healing and the energetic chair, I notice that I am developing. Development towards a more intuitive person. More in tune with myself. I am gaining more and more insights into my life, and I am also getting closer to my authentic self.

Gerrie guides me with love, respect and warmth. She supports you, but will never impose an opinion on you. You always decide that yourself. Dear Gerrie, thank you for your help, guidance and your gifts. You are a beautiful person!! Love, Mary

Janine, 13-01-2021, 19:41

After I lost myself in a relationship, I came into contact with Gerrie. The (Coaching) Healings help me to regain balance. I don't quite understand how it works, but started to notice a difference after the second time. There is much more peace in my life now. I look at myself and my future with more confidence. I experience more balance.

Gerrie has a warm and nice appearance. Her energy is very pleasant to experience. Janine

Every, 12-01-2021, 12:16

I have now done two Coaching / Healings with dear Gerrie, it has changed my life. I feel incredibly trusted and understood with her, something I don't easily experience with people. X Love, Elke

Alice, 31-07-2020, 15:02

Two years ago I started the lesson with Gerrie through a Groupon campaign. Then I had a Reading / Healing that I experienced as very pleasant. Then I went to her yoga class in Puth. Unfortunately, she is going to stop in Puth. I found the lessons relaxing. Gerrie has a very pleasant voice to listen to. After class I always come home very relaxed. Gerry, thank you!

Kirstin S, 12-07-2020, 17:17 PM

I have been doing yoga at Ludgardina for almost 2 years now and I enjoy going there every week. I feel very welcome and at home in her classes.

Such a sweet and warm woman.

Thanks to the yoga classes I found myself again.

Petra J, 21-07-2020, 15:10 PM

Hi Jerry,

Nice yoga sessions and the Reading-Healings helped me a lot. My neck pain is almost gone now.

Nicolle P, 07-07-2020, 11:11 PM

I have been following yoga with Gerrie since September last year. Done weekly in the cozy space in Puth. Here I learn to relax and get away from the daily hustle and bustle. Gerrie has a pleasant voice to listen to during the exercises and during the past turbulent period in 2020 she has always done her best to teach us online via zoom. Thank you for your effort and energy! Very nice to be able to attend ′′ live ′′ classes again, but now in Ulestraten. See you soon! Gr Nicole

Annie S, 12-06-2020, 13:10 PM

Gerry gives me peace. Thank you,

Annie. I really appreciate it 🤗😘

Thelma M, 04-01-2020, 16:15 PM

I enjoyed a super nice Ayurvedic massage at Gerrie/Goderrein Heilpraktijk!

Thank you :-)

Jolanda D, 12-10-2019, 17:10 PM

I enjoyed a total body massage with Gerrie yesterday. A massage with warm oils that feels great on the skin. The massage is a wonderful relaxation for body and mind .... so if you want to enjoy it too .... then make an appointment with Gerrie and enjoy to the fullest.

Thank you! Yolanda D.

Nadia Lc, 14-01-2019, 18:50 PM

Hi, my husband came home with your CD after his massage. I was able to do my exercises (kind of yoga) on it. I enjoyed listening to it, you have a good voice for it. The lyrics on the CD also give you some extra power. That is very nice! (nice that the road you are now walking suits you completely!).

Regards - Nadia

Lily E, 13-01-2019, 5:30 PM

Hey Gerrie, I listened to the CD today, it is beautiful and I think the music is wonderful. So much is going through your mind.. you want to listen, you want to relax. I'll have to listen to it a few more times before the puzzle comes together. But at least two thumbs up from me for this CD!


M. Slaets, 8/15/2018, 3:30 PM:

Dear Gerrie, I had a consultation with you because I had pain in the middle of my spine. You gave me a healing, and I sat in the energetic chair. It was a wonderful experience. I felt totally relaxed. And soon my whole body was tingling. I was detached from my body for a while. And the best part: now, after 3 days, my back pain is gone!! Thank you Gerry! X

Kind regards - M. Slaets

Jozef W, posted on July 29 2018, 14:00 PM:

“Gerrie helped me both privately and professionally with various problems and taught me techniques that I use every day.

I am very grateful to her for the insights she has given me and for the inner peace this has brought me. Thank you Gerry!”

Regards - Joseph

Christiane V, posted on July 27 2018, 15:25 PM:

Dear people..I would like to share my experience with you..because I experienced more than once what Gerry's work has done to me...I moved to Spain 1 year ago because I couldn't handle the grief anymore. ..I got to know Gerry through the grapevine..because I had a strange experience with this at night...from the moment we met she felt like an Angel..she also told me that I still have a lot of unprocessed tired of i met her in her practice because my grief was figuratively destroying me...from day 1 after a consultation with Gerry my pain was grateful...

Part intensive care in a Spanish hospital.. (not easy as a woman alone in Spain).... They stuffed me full of heavy medication..little bit better..back went instead of getting better..worse with desperation I contacted Gerry again...the Healing I received was again miraculous.. Because my energy field was completely empty namely.. total exhaustion.. in the course this evening I already felt better…in the morning I was dancing with joy…I hadn't experienced that much energy for a while…that's why I call Gerry my little angel on earth…I can express my gratitude don't put it into words.. I would also like to share my experience with Gerry with you.. because everyone deserves to be healthy and happy... THANK YOU DEAR TREASURE.. namaste 😘

Kind regards - Christiane, X

Esther S, posted on July 17 2018, 6:34 PM:

With Gerrie I find peace and I feel very safe. She makes sure that I find harmony in my life, but especially in myself. In this way I am increasingly able to feel safe with myself, not to keep questioning myself and to let go of my insecurity. The path I'm walking now is a way to peace, connection and love. That is the best gift anyone can give me and I will always be grateful to Gerrie for that!

Kind regards - Esther

Kris K, posted on July 7 2018, 2:00 PM:

At Ludgardina you can always relax. No bullshit, just what it says. At first the results seem meager, but after a while you really start to realize the true effect of her guidance and healing! She brings out the best in you as she helps you clean up old messes. She is the first and only one who succeeded in finally closing vows and curses from several past lives. The consequences are huge! Ludgardina has positively changed my life and I feel her immeasurable and unconditional love flowing every day. Thank you Gerry!!!

Love - Kris Keymeulen

Pignataro sabrina Posted on Apr 3, 2018 1:21 PM

I met Gerry at the stock exchange. I told her that my 9 year old son saw deceased people and she helped him from a distance. We are now 3 weeks further and my son now sleeps much more peacefully and says he no longer sees his deceased grandmother and uncle! So happy mom and happy son! Thank you very much Gerry ! Kind regards, Sabrina

Gwendolina Posted on Nov 15, 2017 10:11 AM

Some time ago I tried the energetic chair twice so far, I may say....wowwww, and hope that many may receive such beautiful warm positive vibes....and yes I found what I wanted but always was so afraid of…helping people, even Beyond, putting my life on paper in the toughest times I have learned the best lessons, everything I went through as a child and could supposedly tear myself apart, only now have the bends been made, and it feels really mega good, I love myself, in a way that I can only love !! Thank you Gerrie for everything, I have grown so beautifully with you... see you again soon Love to you and all the best to everyone, we all have the right to live happily !!

Gwendolina Magdalena Posted on Feb 4, 2017 PM

It suddenly seems like such a big sandwich to me...when I read everything here so briefly and powerfully, but Gerrie has helped me in many areas. After my move almost a year ago, a lot happened in a short time, even after leaving my old home, I wanted to leave my 'old' life, I was completely done with it. I wanted everything different...for the first time the way I wanted myself, away from the heavy old pains...away from under mother's wings, while I am even a mother of four wonderful children. The break with my mother was very hard ... and suddenly the break was extended to both sisters, my brother had once done what I did now but exactly ten years ago! So I hadn't had contact with my brother for ten years, my other brother died fourteen years ago now... One day I started to suffer from such things for certain reasons that I don't feel very well myself, I ,felt I didn't feel so comfortable in my new home, everyone around me started to cry and call that I had to go back to my mother... Gerrie looked at the whole house...and everything was ok with the house !! Happythen.... Gerrie has been able to give me peace of mind after an uncertainty of forty-five years about who is or is not my biological father. Then another block of weight falls off your whole being! Gerrie helped me... with the heavy family karma we carried... We've almost seen miracles happen here thanks to Gerrie's work here. Always when we entered our municipality I always felt stuffy...there was, as it were, a dark dome hanging over the entering of....Dark dome a pleasant feeling when I'm almost home now.. .. The family karma... well... When you see a mother after forty years who almost always looked like a ferocious wild raging black gggrrr don't even have words for it.... And you find them now when you enter , if the peace itself .... it seems as if she has found peace exactly ... but has also found peace with the fact that I am starting to live my own life nicely ... eventually. I've already worked a lot on myself, in myself, for myself...and I dare say, thanks to Ludgardina I have salvationgiven...may, can and dare to feel salvation...and be completely at peace with myself! Thank you Gerrie, the universe is going to reward you enormously ... because you have managed to shine through a large dark void with light, love you! Gratitude for All-Time

Jacqueline Posted on Nov 25, 2016 4:18 PM

Jacqueline K. rated Goderrein Heilpraktijk — 4 stars 19 hours Thank you Gerrie for cleaning my house. You did a good job. A calm has come and it feels peaceful. Even the atmosphere in the house has changed. The children (who know nothing about it) now treat each other differently. They are friendlier and mutually helpful which was not the case before. Thank you again X Jacqueline

sara posted on Sep 27, 2016 11:12 AM

Dear, had a consultation six months ago. Seemed very unclear at first. But now it all fits. I have always kept her advice and findings in mind and therefore overcame everything. I am very happy and grateful for this.Love Sarah xxxxxx

Rini posted on Aug 11, 2016 7:04 PM

rini vanwijk (10-08-2016 at 20:27) dear ludgardina on August 4 had a consultation from you it was very clear and clear what you said about my now almost 1 week later I feel better again warm greetings rini

Annemarie Posted on Aug 11, 2016 7:03 PM

Annemarie (11-08-2016 at 17:00) Dear Ludgardina, Very nice what you were able to tell me about the Sirius energy. Thank you for the light you were able to shed on my question and the insights I received from it. I wish you many beautiful loving conversations!

annemy jansen posted on Dec 20, 2015 8:09 PM

hello i was guided in my feeling to you . I am so grateful that I listened during our conversation I already felt a reaction in my body and what you told me brought peace to my mind and body I would like to thank you very much for that Sincerely, Annemy Jansen <3

Clara Posted on Oct 18, 2015 4:07 PM

An Ayurvedic massage with hot stones on the back and/or abdomen is a mini vacation for body and mind. Each time the effect is different, depending on your personal circumstances. But each time you return completely relaxed and strengthened with renewed inner strength.

Oct 16, 2015 7:58 PM Joke (02-10-2015 at 20:32)

I'm glad we talked dear Ludgardina. I will definitely use the tips you gave me. Thank you for this. 

Marja (25-09-2015 at 11:23)

Dear Lugardina, My uncertainty has just become a bit less because of your clear and incredibly correct information! Thank you for the beautiful clear and future-oriented tools. You are honest, clear and know exactly what is going on and why. Very handsome ! I also recommend you to other people. Sweet hug! 

Myriam (11-09-2015 at 13:40)

Thank you very much for the warm conversation this morning; because you suggested what I could do, my powerlessness became a little less and I experienced comfort.

Bouke (11-06-2015 at 15:41)

Nice text! "They who Believe in Angels have Friends in High places!" R (05-06-2015 at 10:53) Had a very loving consultation from Ludgardine, will definitely call her again.

Iwan Brouns Posted on Aug 24, 2015 4:50 PM

I met Gerrie last year at a trade fair while I was in a big slump. I had walked past it a few times but was always drawn to her. She was able to help me very well then and it seemed as if I left her as a different person. And even though we don't live near each other, she was always able to help me from a distance. And give me good advice. Gerrie thanks for the support and advice greetings Iwan

Dieneke posted on Aug 24, 2015 10:45 AM

Gerrie did a house cleaning. What a special experience, so loving and warm how it was handled. Hadn't experienced it like this before. And also the aftercare she provided was very pleasant. You could also see from Gerrie that she took the time. Also if you had questions, you could indicate that. would definitely recommend people to let Gerrie do it. Have had several treatments from Gerrie, which has done me good. Also after my family, where Gerrie has also done treatments. And also the advice she gave. Was just very nice. how pure she is, and a very beautiful energy very impressive. For myself and my family I would have it done again by Gerrie. Ben Gerrie very grateful warm greetings Dieneke

Sandra Posted on Aug 23, 2015 9:50 PM

Back in time... A lot of sadness, Physically and mentally, Pain from family and friends.... At a fair in Genk I meet Gerrie, The strength to go to her was great, The meeting was short, she had a lecture.... An appointment was made online... Through her spiritual powers, Angel cards, Bach Blossoms I have gradually been able to place my sadness, let go and learn to love myself again, very quietly... My solid foundation is built up, back from myself, with the necessary positive energy... I am back a woman with a smile, a woman who can be proud of herself, a woman without feelings of guilt, a woman who her husband is proud of again and mom to her children.... I thank the Angels that I met Gerrie and continue to meet Sandra

Myriam Vandenbemden Posted on Jul 11, 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the warm conversation yesterday at Astroangels. I felt that you understood me. It brought me comfort, peace and encouraged me to trust again. I googled you with the intention of making an appointment, but Meerssen is, now, for me (as a wheelchair user) a bit far. Warm regards from Ghent, Myriam.

Milou Posted on Feb 4, 2015 5:12 PM

Gerrie's channeling was very powerful, deeply familiar and enlightening to me! Thank you Gerrie for this special moment. Love Milou

Stella posted on Nov 22, 2013 6:10 PM

thank you for your kind words. reading your reading, I had the feeling of warmth. something positive again. I needed these words, especially to relax. Getting the feeling that everything will be okay, I got a nice smile on my face. then I got the confidence, yes, it's good as it is. thank you girl and I hope to meet you in life. see you soon

Linda posted on Dec 9, 2011 10:11 AM

What a great experience this has been! My questions were answered so clearly, calmly and lovingly! Although I had an A4 sheet full of questions, I didn't even get around to it. Because I "suddenly understood" that at that/this moment only one thing was/is very important to me! In short; answers that you can really do something with, answers to think about and listen back again by means of the CD. Thank you! Love, Linda.

Fiorella Posted on Dec 6, 2011 1:35 PM

I have never regretted my decision to go to Gerrie. My questions asked have been richly rewarded. The information given was very clear. With this I have taken a big step forward on my path to spiritual growth. My thanks for this are great. In one word fantastic. "Wow" Fiorella.

Anna posted on Jul 17, 2011 9:01 PM

Gerrie recently did a channeling for me. The channeling was very pure and profound. It touched me deeply and it also released a lot from me. The good thing is that the channeling has been recorded on CD. Also noteworthy is the perceptible difference in energy between the moment the question is asked and the moment the channeling takes place. The energy you feel through the CD is very high, pure and fine. It is very nice to be able to listen to and feel this repeatedly. It is then as if that energy is going to work for you. A point of attention for myself is that I should not ask too long questions or too many questions at once. The short questions yielded a direct answer. The somewhat longer questions I had asked, which sometimes contained more questions, sometimes only answered part of those questions. Not that it was a big deal in the whole context of all the answers, but for me this is definitely an area of concern. The nice thing was that I had asked a question about different situations in my life and received a very clear answer. The similar questions I had asked often gave a similar answer. All in all it was very special to receive this channeling from Gerrie and it is certainly worth repeating for me personally to have another channeling done through Gerrie. Thank you Gerry! Kind regards, Anna


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